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Kinsman Guitarist’s ‘Dual-Stool’

Kinsman Guitarists Dual-Stool

Price: 29.99
(Including VAT at 20%)
Delivery from 6.99 (est)

Ref: kgs

• Ideal for home, stage or shop use.
• Portable and lightweight.
• Collapsible - Folds flat for transportation and storage.
• Universal Guitar Stand – Suitable for most electrics, acoustics, bowlbacks and basses.
• Unique retractable neck cradle with safety catch.
• Large padded seat, slightly angled for comfort.
• Foam tubing for instrument protection on folding support arms and neck cradle.
• Foot rest for enhanced playing comfort and posture.
• Robust non-slip feet.
• Solid, metal construction, offering excellent stability.
• Weighs only 3.6Kg/8.1lb.