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Kinsman Guitarist’s ‘Dual-Stool’

Kinsman Guitarists Dual-Stool

Price: 34.99
(Including VAT at 20%)
Delivery from 6.99 (est)

Ref: kgs

Combination instrument stand and stool.


Ideal for home, stage or shop use
Portable and lightweight
Collapsible - Folds flat for transportation and storage
Universal Guitar Stand: Suitable for most electrics, acoustics, bowlbacks and basses
Unique retractable neck cradle with safety catch
Large padded seat, slightly angled for comfort
Foam tubing for instrument protection on folding support arms and neck cradle
Foot rest for enhanced playing comfort and posture
Robust non-slip feet
Solid, metal construction, offering excellent stability
Weighs only 3.6Kg/8.1lb